Hikvision is one of the world’s leading provider of innovative security products and solutions. It provides professional and customized solutions to meet diverse consumers requirements thru CCTV solution inside home in terms of monitoring and security. KEMS is introducing this solution to home residential by connecting all CCTV cameras thru high quality and speed internet service in very competitive price and full support.

4 MP IP Network Camera / Bullet

4 mp bullet
Price: 36 KD

4 MP IP Network Camera / Dome


4mp dome
Price: 36 KD

5 MP Camera / Bullet

5mp bullet
Price: 24 KD

5 MP Camera / Dome

5mp turrent
Price: 24 KD

2 MP HD 1080P Camera / Bullet

2mp bullet
Price: 19.5 KD

2 MP HD 1080P Indoor Camera / Dome

2mp turrent
Price: 19.5 KD

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