KEMS Home Security Solutions

In order to make your home safer and more secured, KEMS has introduced to you the right solutions for this purpose to give you the access to monitor everyplace inside and outside your home. KEMS is introducing this solution as a complete package consists of high end hardware and software that will be run by high speed internet service connected in a complete installation and will be sold in a very competitive price with a full support by professional engineers.

Ring products will be the ideal solution to monitor your house from outside and know who knocks your door, monitor him and speak to him live thru RING mobile application. This solution is supported by high end exterior cameras to secure the house from outside and to know who is walking around it. KEMS is offering to you RING products with high speed internet as a complete solution to secure your home in very competitive prices with multiple products.

Hikvision is one of the world’s leading provider of innovative security products and solutions. It provides professional and customized solutions to meet diverse consumers requirements thru CCTV solution inside home in terms of monitoring and security. KEMS is introducing this solution to home residential by connecting all CCTV cameras thru high quality and speed internet service in very competitive price and full support.